Dear Africans; European & American Ideas Can’t Save Us – Only Ours Can

If Africa must rise from the ashes, we must reduce the influence the West has on our politics, governance, social and cultural ideologies. We must reduce their advice, and most times, blackmail, when it comes to issues between our various tribes. This is important because Africa’s politics and policies are often subjected to our various tribes and ethnic nationalities.

There are various aspects of human life where European and American ideals can’t be imported by Africans. Some of these aspects which have hurt Africa so bad in the past and present are politics (Democracy), religion and civil relations, among others. Below we will have discussions on these aspects and propose how best to save Africa from the brink of total anarchy.

Africa’s system of governance should be unique and should be agreed upon by the various ethnic nationalities that make up every nation. African elites and leaders must reduce how much influence their diplomatic ties with European governments have on their decision making. We are Africans, and we should coordinate our nations and governance in an African way.

No foreign idea or principle can solve Africa’s issues. We are a great and ancient people, and only our ways of doing things can help us in these trying times. Let our political, religious, educational and social elites pay more attention to the ancient principles and wisdom of our people. Only Africa can save Africa.

Project the African personality.

The greatest contribution that Africa can make to the peace of the world is to avoid all the dangers inherent in disunity, by creating a political union which will also by its success, stand as an example to a divided world. A Union of African states will project more effectively the African personality. It will command respect from a world that has regard only for size and influence.