Pre-Colonial Africa

  • The Berlin Conference of 1885 saw a once powerful Africa with well established educational and religious systems, chopped up like a piece of pie into some of the smallest economies we see in Africa today. Economies that clearly cannot  survive on their own.
  • This was all by design in order to divide and conquer Africa and leave it a truly defeated and dominated continent.

1964 – Our Pan African leaders of the time, in their efforts to reverse the damage done by the Berlin Conference, met and created the OAU (Organization of African Unity). During this formative meeting, Kwame Nkrumah declared “Africa was for the Africans and African Union was now.” Those words were as relevant then as they are today.

Kwame Nkrumah also declared during this meeting that “You are not Africa because you were born in Africa but that you are African because Africa is born in you.”

  • 1964 Formation of OAU (Organization of African Unity), now the AU (African Union), to chart the way forward in reuniting and restoring the continent.
  • In 2002, OAU was renamed AU. Our African Heads of State meet twice a year to discuss issues pivotal to our beloved continent.
  • The African leaders have now declared all people of African descent living outside Africa as the African Diaspora (6th Region)
  • The African leaders have created their own yard stick to uniformly measure developmental programs in their countries. This yard stick is called Agenda 2063. It summarizes 7 aspirations of the African people
  • Aspirations which, if met, would see an Africa which is a strong player on the world stage.
  • Unanimously our African leaders are calling on all people of African descent (The African Diaspora) to come back home and participate in building the Africa we want.



By Tukur Danmuazu

I believe Igbo should have their Biafra because I find no single positive reason why we must live as one nation while other people closer to us than the Igbo are having separate nations. As a man without colonial mentality, I do not allow colonial hangover to becloud my reason.

There is already Biafra. No Hausa/Fulani dares dream of going to the East for whatever reason. So where is the One Nigeria? Is it not better to make the separation formal so that we can trade freely and and even send ambassadors? Can’t you see how we ralate with Niger Republic, Cameroon, Ghana, Chad and Benin Republic? We related with some of them for ages even before we know the Igbo. What is wrong if strangers, Igbos, have their seprate nation like our old friends in Niger Rep, Ghana, Chad etc do? For a hundred years past we have lived in mutual suspicion and bitterness with this strangers, sometimes leading to carnage. Why must we live as some dead colonial masters wanted us to live?

Only truth can solve this problem not a python and not a civil war mentality. We, the Hausa/Fulani, are already the victims of this profitless irrational one Nigeria. Countless Hausa/Fulani people have died like dogs, unmourned, uncompensated for, unavenged. Why must we accept economic blockade and massacres in the name of a fictional arrangement? What is our gain and what is our profit? Northern muslims have never met with disaster in all of their history that consumes more blood, that destroys livelihood, that poisons the pyschic like one Nigeria. I care more for my people than Nigeria. I do not see Nigeria as worth the death and continuous humiliation of my people.

We lack everything because of one Nigeria. Our markets are not ours. Our banks are not ours. Our telecommunitionbusiness are not ours. Our schools are not ours. Our foreign scholarship are not ours. We have no control over anything except our mouths that we are forced to shut up. We are the poorest in all developemental indices in Africa because we gave up everything to one ungrateful Nigeria.
We must resist the false suggestion of greedy thieves posing as our leaders whose only vision is to own a mansion in Dubai. Neither shall we fall for the error of old men dreaming of past personal glory.

Let us reassess our condition rationally and boldly. Let us define the direction of our own future. Let us choose what we believe is the best for us and our children and fight for it. We and our youth must think for ourselves and give direction to our history. The world has changed and so we must change. We are not less than 90 million in population. We are the largest black nation on earth even without Nigeria. We must never remain stagnant and blinded by fake arrangement. Colonial nation states arrangement like Nigeria are fast losing relevence. The world is dealing in regions made up of real mutually compatable groups of people. Every great compatible group of people are striving to be truely represented in regions. Each mutually compatible people wish to, directly without acrimonious hinderance, exploit the oppurtunity offfered by regionally organised globalized world. Each also wish to enrich the world and preserve their common heritage. This is the reason for anti-colonial self determination struggle across the globe from Europe to Asiap and from Australia to Americas. The Igbos had travelled and mingled among free nations. No power on earth will stop them from dancing in the rising sun of growing freedom of people away from the stagnant historical dustbin of nation statism. They want to face the world on their own terms.

We, on our part, must not continue to be victims of shortsighted local helmsmen who can not think beyond what those dead imperial masters had ordained by force of arms. If our parents were ruled by them, we must never accept their ghosts to rule us via greedy hosts. 90 million people are by far larger than 60% of individual nations in the world. We will not be the poorest. We will not be the weakest. We will not be isolated. Infact, we will be the biggest in Africa and among the richest. So why all the self imprisonment in an old moribond, no longer safe and no longer relevent Nigeria?

Every wise man when given the choice of saving the house or the family, would certainly choose to save the family. So I choose my people. I want them to be free anywhere in the world including in Biafra, and I want them to be in control of what is theirs at home. So I choose my people!

Late Abba Kyari: His Friends Failed Him.

Late Abba Kyari

From all we are now reading about Abba Kyari, I must say with utmost regret and disappointment that his friends but more importantly his handlers failed him. His media aides failed him. They all waited till death to tell Nigerians the good and humane qualities in that man.

I am shocked and touched that a Muslim like him will agree to be a best man to a Christian wedding. That spoke volumes. His intellect and background were not known. His loyalty to Buhari was well known and documented but it was told with a bad spin by detractors.

I hope leaders will learn to surround themselves with bold, honest and dedicated aides and friends who will be prepared to step up to the mic to speak for and about them. Geofrey Onyema’s knowledge of Abba Kyari could have been an anecdote that would have given a better picture of the man before all our erroneous adverse assumptions covered up an otherwise good man.

Geofrey Onyeama spoke late !
Shame on him !!

By Dr Eke Agbai

Africa is the richest continent, yet it’s people are poorest. But Why?

Simple, Africa is still under the Europeans powers… During slavery it was a combination of Europeans and Arabs, today they are not together because someone needs the oil to back up papers he prints (Dollar). So this time they get another friend (China). The two use the African politicians to get what they want. And it works like it worked during slavery and colonization. To see how much former colonies rob from the continent take an example of France. It takes 500 billions dollars from just 14 countries from Africa to its treasury year in year out. According to some pacts they signed, minerals belong to the European power unless that European feels like leaving it to that African government. The African government must teach using the European language. The African government’s military must be trained by the European power??!???? The African government can be invaded without being notified!???!??? Remember also the Africans whose land was stolen some was not returned to the communities but was taken by people working with Europeans. The African map is bigger than you are shown. Majority of Africans are Israelites from all tribes. And other Hamitic people. We have to stand up against this Satanic imperialist HEATHENS. Enough is enough. It’s time to undo what they did during the Berlin conference. They said “Our first site in Egypt, be it larceny or be it by emption…. till we finally join hands across the Equator with Natal and Cape colony,” They brought us AIDS, Zika, Ebola, they have been forcefully sterilizing our women in Vaccines, today they say that CoronaVirus Vaccines should be tested on our people.We have brothers and sisters going through same oppression in U.S, Brazil, India, South America ( Our own sold them) It’s time. #Africa 👉🏾(let’s pull together) African Unification is Now. Africa Awake.

Imperialism often occurs in more subtle forms, a loan, food aid, blackmail . We are fighting this system that allows a handful of men on Earth to rule all of humanity.

Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara

Thomas Sankara was the revolutionary president of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987, when he was assassinated in a coup d’état led by Blaise Compaoré. Behind a military uniform and a Marxist discourse, Sankara is often referred to as ‘Africa’s Che Guevara.’ Sankara seized power in a popularly supported coup, aged only 33, with the goal of eliminating corruption and the dominance of the former French colonial power. He launched some of the most ambitious social and economic programs in modern African history. To symbolize a new autonomy and rebirth, Sankara renamed the country from Upper Volta to Burkina Faso, which means the land of upright men. This was an assertion of African identity, however, it did not sit well with France, who many Burkinabés believe was involved in his assassination.

Although Sankara’s government was only in power for four years, it brought more positive change for ordinary Burkinabés than all of the three decades since his assassination. Sankara’s government challenged the old elite political and social order; establishing revolutionary tribunals to prosecute corruption. Sankara prioritized free education, creating a nation-wide literacy campaign which increased the literacy rate from 13% in 1983 to 73% in 1987. His government believed in self-sufficiency, calling on every village to build a clinic and assisting over 350 communities to construct schools with their own labor. Sankara championed public health; vaccinating 2.5 million children against meningitis, yellow fever, and measles.
His domestic policies focused on preventing famine through agrarian self-sufficiency and land reform. One of the components of his national agenda included planting over ten million trees to halt the growing desertification of the Sahel. His hope was to start a culture of planting trees as a birthday celebration. Imagine it was a global cultural norm to plant a tree for every birthday.
Sankara doubled wheat production by redistributing land from historical land owners to peasants. During Sankara’s tenure, Burkina Faso became food self-sufficient. The government suspended rural poll taxes and domestic rents which it felt were hurting poor Burkinabés. His administration instituted an ambitious road and rail construction program to “tie the nation together”.

Sankara eschewed foreign aid and called for comprehensive debt reduction. His government nationalized all land and mineral wealth and actively averted the influence of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank on Burkina Faso’s economy. Sankara’s belief was that “he who feeds you, controls you.”
He preached fiscal prudence; selling off the government fleet of Mercedes Benzes and making the Renault 5, the cheapest car sold in Burkina Faso at the time, the official service car of ministers. He reduced the salaries of all public servants, including his own, and forbade the use of government chauffeurs and first class airline tickets.
Internationally, Sankara was a charismatic and outspoken leader. He spoke in forums like the Organization of African Unity (OAU) against continued neo-colonial penetration of Africa through Western trade and finance. He called for a united front of African nations to abandon their foreign debt. He argued that the poor and exploited did not have an obligation to repay money to the rich and exploiting. To bolster local industries and Burkinabé pride, he required public servants to wear traditional tunic, woven from Burkinabé cotton and sewn by Burkinabé craftsmen.

Sankara had a commitment to women’s rights that has never been emulated by any country. He outlawed Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), forced marriages and polygamy. He appointed women to high governmental positions, encouraged them to work, recruited them into the military, and granted pregnancy leave during education. A motorcyclist himself, Sankara formed an all-women motorcycle personal guard.
Comrades, there is no true social revolution without the liberation of women. May my eyes never see and my feet never take me to a society where half the people are held in silence. I hear the roar of women’s silence. I sense the rumble of their storm and feel the fury of their revolt.
In order to achieve some of these remarkable changes Sankara’s government became increasingly authoritarian. His régime was criticized by Amnesty International and other humanitarian organisations for violations of human rights, including extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detentions and torture of political opponents. Oxfam once recorded the arrest and torture of trade union leaders in 1987. He admired Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution and set up Cuban-style Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs). In 1984, seven individuals associated with the previous régime were accused of treason and executed after a hasty trial. The same year, 2500 teachers were dismissed after a teachers strike. Thereafter, non-governmental organisations and unions were harassed or placed under the authority of the CDRs.

Sankara’s policies alienated the powerful upper classes of Burkinabé society who benefited from Burkina Faso’s underdevelopment. His rhetoric, especially around debt repudiation, made him very unpopular with the West and with international organizations like the IMF and World Bank. As a result, he was overthrown and assassinated on October 15, 1987. A week before his murder, he declared: “While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas.” Compaoré’s dictatorship would remain in power for 27 years until it was overthrown by popular protests in 2014.
Sankara’s commitment to African self reliance made him an icon to Africa’s poor. He remains deeply popular, especially among youth, for daring to challenge the mechanisms of post imperialism. Many of the people who rose up in 2014 to remove Blaise Campaoré were inspired by a powerful belief in their former leader.
Sankara sought to fundamentally reverse the structural social inequities inherited from the French colonial order. When most African countries depended on imported food and external assistance for development, Sankara promoted local production and the consumption of locally-made goods. His policies educated millions, made healthcare accessible, gave women new rights, and began to genuinely redistribute wealth to Burkinabés who had suffered under French colonial rule. For Africa, there are many lessons to be learned from the examples of Sankara and Burkina Faso.

When asked why he didn’t want his portrait hung in public places, as was the norm for other African leaders, Sankara replied “There are seven million Thomas Sankaras.” In this lifetime Burkina Faso has shown that a past colony could sever ties to her colonizer. Many of Burkina Faso’s current leaders align themselves with Sankara. Only time will tell whether they will continue his legacy or that of Compaoré. The uprising of 2014 gives hope that Sankara’s assertion was right.


The coronavirus traveled all over the world from Wuhan China, but it did not reach Beijing or Shanghai or other major cities in China. Can anyone explain how is that possible?

There are so many questions, after all, where it all started, in China, the Chinese stock market did not collapse, but the American and European markets did, and when those markets collapsed, the Chinese bought a lot.

All roads lead back to China

  1. They created a virus for which they already had an antidote.
  2. They purposely spread the virus for financial gain.
  3. There is a clear demonstration of efficiency to such an extent that they built hospitals in a few days. To build so many hospitals they had to be prepared with organized projects, for example, with the ordering of equipment, the hiring of labor, the water and sewerage network, the prefabricated building materials and the storage in an impressive volume. Everything happened so fast that everyone was speechless.
  4. They caused chaos in the world, beginning with Europe and the rest of the western worlds.
  5. Quickly decimating the economies of dozens of countries.
  6. Stop production and manufacturing lines in factories and primary production in dozens of countries.
  7. Causing the stock markets to crash and then they bought stocks, bonds and companies at bargain prices.
  8. They then quickly gained control of the epidemic in their country. After all, they were ready and he was never really out of control.
  9. In all this, they managed to lower the price of basic products, including the price of oil.
  10. Now they are going back to mass production while the rest of the world is stopped.

Also note how quickly Chinese unions activated to “hoard” purchases of bus cargo to regional shopping centers across Australia, stripping our shelves of toilet paper and staple foods.

It happened before most of us knew what was happening, even before we knew what the Coronavirus was.


The biggest conspiracy against the growth and dominance of Africa and Africans is not the work of Bill Gates, Monsanto, 5G, the Coronavirus or imperialists or colonialists. It is not Donald Trump. It is not China, it is not Boris Johnson or Queen Elizabeth. It is not a right wing conspiracy, or a left wing conspiracy, neither is it a grand plan of Israel or even the Middle East.

Africa’s biggest problem is its leadership.

No world leader, or richest man in the world will suffer through vaccines or killing many of his own people or use electromagnetic waves to kill us. And let me tell you why:

  1. In 2018 alone, about 230,000 brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 80 (2018 models) were sold in Africa. Lets assume that private sector and NGOs bought 50% of those ( a very conservative estimate), then it means the other half were bought by African governments. This means that at a very very generous base price of $60,000, $690 Million was spent IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA ALONE for governmental bodies and officials to buy JUST TOYOTA LAND CRUISERS!
    (Sales Data Source: Toyota Global Website)
  2. The WHO Global Health Expenditure database puts General Government Expenditure for health for Sub-Saharan Africa at US$361.777 Million US Dollars for 2017. If we even made the figure $362 Million, it means that we spent averagely 52% of what we were willing to spend on Land Cruisers than on health of our own citizens. This is just cost of acquisition, not maintenance.
  3. In 2016, Africa accounted for 1.1% (US$22.3 billion) of global investments in R&D. Globally, pharmaceutical companies are among the top investors in R&D in the health science sector, but this is not the case in Africa.
  4. Africa has 15% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s disease burden, but only 1% of the world’s research and development budget is spent in the whole of Africa. Even that, it comes from external resources. Africa, a content of about 1 billion people, holds only 0.1% of the world’s patents. Only 198 researchers per million people. Yet even then, remember that our R&D expenditure is mostly sourced from abroad. If you think I’m lying, the 2 main centers for Corona testing are funded by Germany and Japan!
  5. Illicit financial losses from corruption and embezzlement alone amount to some $50 Billion annually. Guess where it goes to? The WEST! When you are flying abroad, who usually sits in business class and sleeps and wines and dines in the finest hotels in Europe and America? Is it the African immigrant hustler or the politician and his cronies? Who do you see when you go to the Palms in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Or in Monaco or on the Champs D’Elysses? How many politicians dont own $1 million houses in various estates sprinkled across different continents?
  6. In such a situation, do you think that all someone cares about is to try and destroy us with a virus? We have already systematically weakened our systems. We have very little industrial capacity, we have sold whatever is remaining in Africa to Chinese, we only contribute to 2% of the worlds manufacturing. Our leaders pride themselves in dashing us bicycles, t-shirts and bags of imported rice. Do you think anyone worth their time needs to employ sophisticated methods which will endanger their own people to destroy us when we are doing such a nice job of it ourselves?


For every day that we live, our compromised healthcare systems and the egos of our leaders are going to sink us further. We have no capacity to produce ANYTHING that will help us. We dont even have the research labs to provide us with research against the virus.

Yet we have an 89% (Ghana) and over 80% (Christian SSA countries) where “men of God” are opinion leaders spewing all sorts of controversies because we have been wired to believe in miracles more than science. Sub-saharan Africa contributes averagely only .05% of the world’s mathematics PhD holders. Wanna juxtapose that with PhD holders in say Theology? Be my guest! 🙂

Hey wait, Ghana still plans to source from churches $100 million

to build a cathedral with a Bible Museum, hoping that it will be a tourist attraction. But nobody remembers the last time it bothered to refurbish its museum of science and technology, which has at its entrance a steam tractor from the early 20th century and an old Gatlin Gun.

We keep crying about drug testing on poor Africans, but how many virologists do we have, and how many virus institutes do we have to deal with the over 25% disease burden that we have? Or have our spiritual leaders in the shrines, mosques and churches suddenly become disease spread experts?

What is the ratio of doctors to a patient, or nurses to a patient, or medical labs to patients in Sub-Saharan Africa?

At this stage, we dont need Bill Gates to wipe us off the earth. We are doing so alone with our incompetence. We have not even began fingering the Chinese who are forcing governments to mortgage their mines and in Ghana our Rivers for alluvial gold and bauxite reserves for roads that will last all of 10 years.

If you think Coronavirus, digital medical records, vaccine trials and 5G Networks are designed to destroy Africans for the monopoly of some old computer scientist living in Oregon or Washington State in the US to benefit, then you probably should save us all and succumb to the virus as you dont belong in the 21st century anyway. I know its harsh, but thats the truth. There is no conspiracy against us. We are the captains of our own fate.

~ Selorm Branttie, IMANI Ghana


PROF. PLO Lumumba


Fellow Africans, we are between the rock and the hard place. The continent and the world has been victimized by a virus we now know as Coronavirus or COVID-19. What the one familiar to us are now dancing on the tongues of everyone.The sophisticated and the unsophisticated.

The continent of Africa is shutdown. Shutdown from Capetown in South Africa to Tunis in Tunisia. Shutdown from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to Dakar in Senegal. Shutdown in Nairobi, Kenya to Kinshasa in Zaire. Shutdown from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso to Nouakchott in Mauritania.

Africa is shutdown, shutdown that her young boys and girls can no longer go to school. Shutdown that her planes can no longer fly to distance landing. Shutdown that she is in the valley of the shadows of death.

But this mother continent has demonstrated not once not twice that she can survive calamities. Is it not true that we survived Slavery? Is it not true that we survived Colonization? Is it not true that we survived Neo-colonialism? Is it not true that we went through Ebola? Is it not true that smallpox visited us? Is it not true that we are survivors?

We will survive again! If we work together, we will survive,because we are survivors.
We have our young men and women, our trade professionals in the forefront, doing what they can and must in order to liberate the continent from the clutches of Corona.They will succeed.But we too have a duty to obey the dictats that are being issued to us that appear to compromise our liberties but are necessary for our better days for our personal good.

This continent now has a time to reflect, to ask ourselves fundamental questions. Those who have the honors and privilege of serving the continent as politicians must now ask; ‘What do we do to our health sector now and for the future? Must we not in the coming days and future ensure that we allocate resources to our hospitals, allocate resources to our research scientists, allocate resources where resources will be used for the general good for this generation and generations yet to be known.

Fellow Africans, we live in times when lies go round the world seven times before truth rises from our belts. These are times where we must exercise discretion. We must give meaning to the words of James Russell Lowell when he said “Truth forever on the scaffold. Wrong forever on the throne.But that scaffold seized the future and behind the dim unknown in the shadow lies God or standing God, watching over his own.

We are not alone. But we must also do what we can and must. Africa must now pull herself by her bootstrap. Africa must use this opportunity to prepare herself because history has demonstrated not once not twice that it’s only those who buy the lottery tickets who win.

Africa must now prepare herself to ensure that she can survive that only can strive that her people can survive. We can do it, we must do it. It is our young men and women who are the backbones of this continent.

So, I look forward to the day, wherever we are in Niamey in Niger, in Bamako in Mali,in Banjul in the Gambia, or in Luanda in Angola or Libreville in Gabon or wherever we are in Benin or in South Sudan.

The time is now for us to make a solemn vow that post-corona, we will do things differently; that post-corona, we will be more compassionate; that post-corona, we will only do that which is good and right. That post-corona, we will have new thinking, that post-corona we will have a new African man and a new African woman whose only claim to fame will be to do that thing which is good and right. We can and must do it for the sake of Mother Africa!