There is no other way for African Progress, Prosperity and Global Economic leadership than UNITY. we MUST Unite as a single Entity and do away with all Colonial Borders that was forced upon us Africans.

Nigerians still in love with their oppressors – Ex-Ghana President, Jerry Rawlings


Jerry John Rawlings, former Head of State and President of Ghana, has said that Nigerians are still in love with their ‘oppressors.’

He stated this during a closed-door meeting with 2019 presidential aspirant, Omoyele Sowore, in Accra, Ghana.

A statement on Thursday by Rachel Onamusi-Kpiaisi, Director, PR, Media and Communications of the Sowore 2019 Campaign Organization, said both men spoke on a wide range of issues that bordered on youth and leadership in Africa, and about corruption and effective solutions to the menace.

The statement reads in part: “It was a closed-door meeting, but one of the things that came out of it was that Rawlings said, ‘Chief, you know your generation should be the ones in power but there is huge problem, things are gonna be tight!’

“Sowore quickly interrupted, asking if it was about ‘money politics’, after which Rawlings took a deep breath and after a long drawn silence, stated: ‘You know, Nigerians are still in love with their oppressors.’

“If there is a reason that our leaders buy up luxurious apartments and send their children to school in Ghana, it is thanks in no small part to the tireless, uncompromising work of JJ Rawlings.”

It added that before leaving Accra, Sowore also held a town hall session with Ghana-based Nigerians.


Africa is the future of humanity, that’s last piece of earth everyone wants to get a share of. But this unknown to the citizens and her government.

China has over population issues and looking for new colonies to take over but unfortunately, the leaders of African countries are too greedy to see.

America and China are fighting for world power and the only place to get world power is Africa, yet it’s citizens are learning of history that won’t change anything unless they develop their mindset and fight for what they want, always waiting for a miracle

Both America and China can wipe out Africa drought and poverty, but they wants it’s citizens to destroy themselves to remain only few people they can control…..

I know we all know about everything listed above but we can’t be waiting for a miracle or a politician to make the changes, we are the change we want.

God Bless Africa
God Bless Africans


Nigeria shuts Chinese eatery for refusing to serve Nigerians

Authorities in Nigeria have closed down a Chinese restaurant in Lagos over its discriminatory policy against Nigerians.

The Haufei Restaurant and Mall was shut down Saturday for refusing to serve Nigerians.

It followed covert investigations at the facility by operatives of Nigeria’s Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Committee (FCCPC) that found evidence of discrimination against Nigerian citizens.

The head of the FCCPC, Babatunde Irukera led the closure on the Chinese restaurant and supermarket, local news portal The Premium Times reported.

“Two different people who went with me went in first and it was very clear that they declined them service,” Irukera told The Premium Times. “In fact, the chief security officer and the cashier at the restaurant admitted that it is their policy not to sell to Nigerians.”

“Our law prohibits obnoxious practices. It is obviously obnoxious to discriminate. They are a range of options that regulators have, prosecution being the topmost of it depending on the full context whether it was the first time or repeat, whether there are other complex issues. We will decide within the spectrum.
“It might be that we will penalize them administratively and ask them to take corrective measures and then put them under supervision for a period of time to keep watching and see that they follow through the corrective measures.

“But if their conduct is a pattern and something that is very egregious then certainly we would consider prosecuting,” he added.

Some Nigerians on social media were gobsmacked by the restaurant’s refusal to serve locals.

The Punch reported of one Folabomi who had shared a video of herself in front of the eatery, saying: “So, my friends and I have been asked to leave this Chinese establishment, a restaurant o, simply because we are blacks. In Nigeria!”

“Our only option is to take out, but we cannot physically sit down and eat at the restaurant. As you can see, this has turned me to a crazy person. I don’t joke with my food,” she also wrote.



UNPO recognition, first stage towards achieving our goal of self-determination – Akintoye

The Yoruba Speaking Nation of Nigeria has been accepted as the 45th member of the Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organization (UNPO), the Yoruba Leader and Leader of Yoruba World Congress (YWC), Emeritus Professor Banji Akintoye announced in an electronic statement sent to news men on Tuesday.

According to the statement titled: YORUBA NATION GAINS UNPO MEMBERSHIP, Akintoye said the latest development represents a very important step in the collective quest of well-meaning Yoruba people to achieve the goal of dignity and self-determination.

He said the membership of UNPO offers the Yoruba Nation a solid voice on the international stage via the machinery of the International body which maintains a permanent presence before the United Nations, the European Union, and the United States of America.

Akintoye said with membership of UNPO, the Yoruba Nation, just like the Catalonian people of Spain, can put forth their organs of representation – such as a people’s parliament and an indigenous people’s government, with a flag as our symbol which according to him are all legal.

He further disclosed that the membership of UNPO affords the Yoruba Nation an opportunity to participate in advocacy training, worldwide cultural festivals, election monitoring/observation, and sports activities, among the unrepresented nations.

Akintoye said UNPO, in a letter addressed to him through the YWC Coordinator for Europe by her Secretary-General, Ralph Bunche, expressed his gladness to welcome the Yoruba nation as a new member of the International Body and that they are looking forward to working closely with the Yoruba people.

“The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) is an international membership-based organization established to empower the voices of unrepresented and marginalized peoples worldwide and to protect their fundamental human rights.

“It was formed on 11 February 1991 in The Hague, Netherlands. Its members consist of indigenous peoples, minorities, unrecognized peoples or peoples of occupied territories.

“UNPO works to develop understanding of, and respect for, the right to self-determination, provides advice and support related to questions of international recognition and political autonomy; trains groups on how to advocate for their causes effectively, legally, devoid of violence; and directly advocates for an international response to human rights violations perpetrated against UNPO member nations or groups”, the statement reads.

Akintoye, a renowned Emeritus Professor of History disclosed that some formerly unrecognized nations who were members of UNPO but are now Independent Nations and members of the United Nations are the Armenia, East Timor, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia and Palau, stressing that the International Body, like many others, have the capacity to help Yoruba Nation achieve her goals within the Nigerian Federation.

“Some former members, such as Armenia, East Timor, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia and Palau, have gained full independence and have joined the United Nations (UN) as full members.

“The peoples represented within the UNPO membership are all united by one shared condition: they are denied their equitable level of representation and voice in the institutions of the countries to which they currently belong and in international governance.

“As a consequence, their opportunity to participate on the national or international stage is limited and unfair, and they struggle against difficulties in their effort to realize their rights to civil and political participation and to control their own economic, social and cultural development.

“In many cases, they live under pressure of the worst forms of violence and repression, such as is being perpetrated by armed Fulani Herdsmen and Fulani militias, as well as by terrorist Boko Haram, against many peoples of Niger

ia, including our Yoruba nation; which violence and repression are being adroitly and surreptitiously supported by the government of Nigeria. In some cases, members of UNPO need serious help because they live in countries and under governments that actively resist their progress and destroy their achievements, as our Yoruba nation lives in Nigeria.

“The UNPO is able to address issues that often remain hidden because UNPO has the freedom to raise issues that others cannot raise due to political or funding constraints. Today, UNPO has more than forty (40) member nations.

“Having identified ourselves as an indigenous nation, the UNPO recognition is the first stage towards achieving our goal of self-determination, and this is permissible and lawful under existing laws and international instruments.

“The United Nations Conventions and Proclamation of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (September 15, 2007) grants indigenous peoples and nations the rights to self-determination.

“Membership in UNPO gives our Yoruba nation the privilege of having UNPO work for the protection and advancement of our rights as an indigenous people in Nigeria. And that empowers us to form our Customary Law Indigenous Government for organizing our struggle for self-determination, and for serving as our sole representative in the United Nations where we shall seek for the retrieval and restoration of our sovereignty.

“Article 20 of African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (Ratification and Enforcement) provide that “Colonized or oppressed peoples shall have the right to free themselves from the bonds of domination by resorting to any means recognized by the international community”

“Any means recognized by the international community” refers to such as acts within the rule of law, peaceful acts, and diplomatic negotiations, but excludes acts of violence, acts of war, and acts of terrorism.

“In the light of the foregoing, the Yoruba World Congress hereby joyfully congratulates all Yoruba citizens of Nigeria at home and abroad, all Yoruba elders, all Yoruba religious, political, business, professional and community leaders, and all Yoruba youths and children.

“We Yoruba have hereby secured a very important support for all peaceful and lawful actions by our patriots, organizations and activists in the struggle to defend, protect and advance Yoruba interests and Yoruba self-determination.

“It is the right and duty of all of us to evolve together our nation’s use of this wonderful gift, and the Yoruba World Congress offers its brotherly hand of love, cooperation and collaboration to all persons, leaders, rulers and organizations in the Yoruba family” the statement concluded.


Professor ‘Banji Akintoye
Yoruba Leader/Leader,
Yoruba World Congress

Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye
Director of Media and Communications
Yoruba World Congress
Tel: 07039168005
(SMS or whatsapp ONLY).


Pre-Colonial Africa

  • The Berlin Conference of 1885 saw a once powerful Africa with well established educational and religious systems, chopped up like a piece of pie into some of the smallest economies we see in Africa today. Economies that clearly cannot  survive on their own.
  • This was all by design in order to divide and conquer Africa and leave it a truly defeated and dominated continent.

1964 – Our Pan African leaders of the time, in their efforts to reverse the damage done by the Berlin Conference, met and created the OAU (Organization of African Unity). During this formative meeting, Kwame Nkrumah declared “Africa was for the Africans and African Union was now.” Those words were as relevant then as they are today.

Kwame Nkrumah also declared during this meeting that “You are not Africa because you were born in Africa but that you are African because Africa is born in you.”

  • 1964 Formation of OAU (Organization of African Unity), now the AU (African Union), to chart the way forward in reuniting and restoring the continent.
  • In 2002, OAU was renamed AU. Our African Heads of State meet twice a year to discuss issues pivotal to our beloved continent.
  • The African leaders have now declared all people of African descent living outside Africa as the African Diaspora (6th Region)
  • The African leaders have created their own yard stick to uniformly measure developmental programs in their countries. This yard stick is called Agenda 2063. It summarizes 7 aspirations of the African people
  • Aspirations which, if met, would see an Africa which is a strong player on the world stage.
  • Unanimously our African leaders are calling on all people of African descent (The African Diaspora) to come back home and participate in building the Africa we want.



By Tukur Danmuazu

I believe Igbo should have their Biafra because I find no single positive reason why we must live as one nation while other people closer to us than the Igbo are having separate nations. As a man without colonial mentality, I do not allow colonial hangover to becloud my reason.

There is already Biafra. No Hausa/Fulani dares dream of going to the East for whatever reason. So where is the One Nigeria? Is it not better to make the separation formal so that we can trade freely and and even send ambassadors? Can’t you see how we ralate with Niger Republic, Cameroon, Ghana, Chad and Benin Republic? We related with some of them for ages even before we know the Igbo. What is wrong if strangers, Igbos, have their seprate nation like our old friends in Niger Rep, Ghana, Chad etc do? For a hundred years past we have lived in mutual suspicion and bitterness with this strangers, sometimes leading to carnage. Why must we live as some dead colonial masters wanted us to live?

Only truth can solve this problem not a python and not a civil war mentality. We, the Hausa/Fulani, are already the victims of this profitless irrational one Nigeria. Countless Hausa/Fulani people have died like dogs, unmourned, uncompensated for, unavenged. Why must we accept economic blockade and massacres in the name of a fictional arrangement? What is our gain and what is our profit? Northern muslims have never met with disaster in all of their history that consumes more blood, that destroys livelihood, that poisons the pyschic like one Nigeria. I care more for my people than Nigeria. I do not see Nigeria as worth the death and continuous humiliation of my people.

We lack everything because of one Nigeria. Our markets are not ours. Our banks are not ours. Our telecommunitionbusiness are not ours. Our schools are not ours. Our foreign scholarship are not ours. We have no control over anything except our mouths that we are forced to shut up. We are the poorest in all developemental indices in Africa because we gave up everything to one ungrateful Nigeria.
We must resist the false suggestion of greedy thieves posing as our leaders whose only vision is to own a mansion in Dubai. Neither shall we fall for the error of old men dreaming of past personal glory.

Let us reassess our condition rationally and boldly. Let us define the direction of our own future. Let us choose what we believe is the best for us and our children and fight for it. We and our youth must think for ourselves and give direction to our history. The world has changed and so we must change. We are not less than 90 million in population. We are the largest black nation on earth even without Nigeria. We must never remain stagnant and blinded by fake arrangement. Colonial nation states arrangement like Nigeria are fast losing relevence. The world is dealing in regions made up of real mutually compatable groups of people. Every great compatible group of people are striving to be truely represented in regions. Each mutually compatible people wish to, directly without acrimonious hinderance, exploit the oppurtunity offfered by regionally organised globalized world. Each also wish to enrich the world and preserve their common heritage. This is the reason for anti-colonial self determination struggle across the globe from Europe to Asiap and from Australia to Americas. The Igbos had travelled and mingled among free nations. No power on earth will stop them from dancing in the rising sun of growing freedom of people away from the stagnant historical dustbin of nation statism. They want to face the world on their own terms.

We, on our part, must not continue to be victims of shortsighted local helmsmen who can not think beyond what those dead imperial masters had ordained by force of arms. If our parents were ruled by them, we must never accept their ghosts to rule us via greedy hosts. 90 million people are by far larger than 60% of individual nations in the world. We will not be the poorest. We will not be the weakest. We will not be isolated. Infact, we will be the biggest in Africa and among the richest. So why all the self imprisonment in an old moribond, no longer safe and no longer relevent Nigeria?

Every wise man when given the choice of saving the house or the family, would certainly choose to save the family. So I choose my people. I want them to be free anywhere in the world including in Biafra, and I want them to be in control of what is theirs at home. So I choose my people!

Late Abba Kyari: His Friends Failed Him.

Late Abba Kyari

From all we are now reading about Abba Kyari, I must say with utmost regret and disappointment that his friends but more importantly his handlers failed him. His media aides failed him. They all waited till death to tell Nigerians the good and humane qualities in that man.

I am shocked and touched that a Muslim like him will agree to be a best man to a Christian wedding. That spoke volumes. His intellect and background were not known. His loyalty to Buhari was well known and documented but it was told with a bad spin by detractors.

I hope leaders will learn to surround themselves with bold, honest and dedicated aides and friends who will be prepared to step up to the mic to speak for and about them. Geofrey Onyema’s knowledge of Abba Kyari could have been an anecdote that would have given a better picture of the man before all our erroneous adverse assumptions covered up an otherwise good man.

Geofrey Onyeama spoke late !
Shame on him !!

By Dr Eke Agbai