The Africa we have is the Africa we need to Leave Behind! Ubuntu must be brought back!

We must Learn to Cooperate among Ourselves, and Support One Another.
We ultimately have to stop viewing our success on the scale of how better we are to the very people we call friends and family. We do not need to bring one down in order to feel being up.
We can rise again by learning from our past and the history of the world. But how?….
Before Europeans moved out of Europe to explore opportunities in other parts of the world, European nations were competing and fighting among themselves for the scarce resources found on the small continent of Europe.
I need not to remind you that ~Romans Colonized Germany and referred to the Germans as “the most precious property” because the Germans were so smart and intelligent; the same Romans colonize Britain and said the British we so dumb that they weren’t even qualify to be used as slaves.
Whiles Europe was competing, fighting, and colonising themselves in Europe, Africa were built Great Kingdoms and Empires at the back of of a concept called Ubuntu. ~I am because you are! This concept which founded the African society means nothing more than Unity, cooperation, and support for one another.
The smart European, came to Africa, saw this beautiful concept and quietly returned to his home to call all his brothers and said to them, ~why must we fight one another while we can unite, and give our disunity to the United folks and benefits from their unlimted riches? Yes, the European did what was in the interest of Europe and he did that perfect!
From the day, the European stepped foot at the coast of African, he mastered the art of uniting with his brothers for a strong and stable force to promote his interests and the interests of his generations to come.
But what did the African gain from coming in contact with the European? He saw a God in the European, he saw a salvation in him, and he saw an opportunity which he need to Cooperation with him and prevent all his brothers to come in contact with this precious salvation.

Since then, the African seeks no cooperation with his brother, instead, we compete among ourselves just to find a cooperation with the smart European. In business, in Governance, in all aspects of our society this is the reality for today. Ubuntu is gone and we have become the agents of our own destruction 😭
This is the African we need to get behind us. A new Africa must be born, an African that is ready to see it members as humans, an Africa, that gives humanity to its children like it gives to all other humans. An Africa that is full of Africa is the Africa I wish for my son and his children.
Are you ready to contribute to the building of this NEW AFRICA?

Sent in By: Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah Yeboah Ghana Africa

Published by panafricannations

Pan African Nations ( WorldWide ) is an international Community to reunite all people of African descent,advocate for their rights and freedoms throughout the world. Our vision is establishment of United Kingdoms of Africa. ( U.K.A )

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