Late Abba Kyari: His Friends Failed Him.

Late Abba Kyari

From all we are now reading about Abba Kyari, I must say with utmost regret and disappointment that his friends but more importantly his handlers failed him. His media aides failed him. They all waited till death to tell Nigerians the good and humane qualities in that man.

I am shocked and touched that a Muslim like him will agree to be a best man to a Christian wedding. That spoke volumes. His intellect and background were not known. His loyalty to Buhari was well known and documented but it was told with a bad spin by detractors.

I hope leaders will learn to surround themselves with bold, honest and dedicated aides and friends who will be prepared to step up to the mic to speak for and about them. Geofrey Onyema’s knowledge of Abba Kyari could have been an anecdote that would have given a better picture of the man before all our erroneous adverse assumptions covered up an otherwise good man.

Geofrey Onyeama spoke late !
Shame on him !!

By Dr Eke Agbai

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One thought on “Late Abba Kyari: His Friends Failed Him.

  1. I honestly doubt if the handlers especially Chief Geoffrey Onyema is being honest with his narrative. I can admit that Mallam Abba Kyari was magnanimous to Chief Onyema as his friend. It became clearer why Chief Onyema’s appointment and re-appointment was secured; his best man ran the show.
    The late Mallam Abba Kyari may be the most brilliant Nigerian and must have had a very successful public service caeer but the country and government he ran and pulled the strings reveals a direct opposite of brilliance and success. He was at the centre of the most nepotic, despotic and insensitive democratic experiment in the history of Nigeria. No matter what anyone can say after his demise, no one can exonerate him of complicity in the running of a fulani and muslim Northern agenda, double standard in the treatment of IPOB, the worst Election manipulation and usurpation of the courts.
    The Mirror of Successful Public Service is the PUBLIC. Mallam Abba Kyari was emotionally attached to his tribe, religion and political leaning to the point that truth and justice became secondary consideration, according Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, his education was useless and he was a liability because he could not reason petty sentiments. Doc, i respectfully disagree with you on this… Kaa Doc.


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