Africa is the richest continent, yet it’s people are poorest. But Why?

Simple, Africa is still under the Europeans powers… During slavery it was a combination of Europeans and Arabs, today they are not together because someone needs the oil to back up papers he prints (Dollar). So this time they get another friend (China). The two use the African politicians to get what they want. And it works like it worked during slavery and colonization. To see how much former colonies rob from the continent take an example of France. It takes 500 billions dollars from just 14 countries from Africa to its treasury year in year out. According to some pacts they signed, minerals belong to the European power unless that European feels like leaving it to that African government. The African government must teach using the European language. The African government’s military must be trained by the European power??!???? The African government can be invaded without being notified!???!??? Remember also the Africans whose land was stolen some was not returned to the communities but was taken by people working with Europeans. The African map is bigger than you are shown. Majority of Africans are Israelites from all tribes. And other Hamitic people. We have to stand up against this Satanic imperialist HEATHENS. Enough is enough. It’s time to undo what they did during the Berlin conference. They said “Our first site in Egypt, be it larceny or be it by emption…. till we finally join hands across the Equator with Natal and Cape colony,” They brought us AIDS, Zika, Ebola, they have been forcefully sterilizing our women in Vaccines, today they say that CoronaVirus Vaccines should be tested on our people.We have brothers and sisters going through same oppression in U.S, Brazil, India, South America ( Our own sold them) It’s time. #Africa 👉🏾(let’s pull together) African Unification is Now. Africa Awake.

Published by panafricannations

Pan African Nations ( WorldWide ) is an international Community to reunite all people of African descent,advocate for their rights and freedoms throughout the world. Our vision is establishment of United Kingdoms of Africa. ( U.K.A )

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