…Pause, Ponder and Act

The CoronaVirus Pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of the Human Race. It is showing the thin line between life and death. It has given credence to King Solomon’s biblical admonition, ‘All is vanity’. We are all scared to our bones. Nobody is sure of what tomorrow, next week, next month or next year have in stock for mankind. The pandemic is no respecter of class; Socio-Political or Economic. Our emphasis is now on life and less on material acquisition. The places we converge to catch fun at our various classes and levels are now the most dangerous destination and no-go-areas. The default words are; quarantine, self-isolate, social-distancing, lockdown and banned. Where do we go from here? …Pause, Ponder and Act.

Afterall, we are all human race. A common enemy is reminding us that we are one equal mortal. It makes no distinction between White, Black, Asian or Arab. It is attacking us as what we rightly are; Human Race. Borders, Visa Policies and discrimination could not stop the outbreak and spread. The virus has and knew its target; the human race. It isolated other mammals in Asia and attacked the human race only. When it got to Europe, America, Australia and Africa, the target was the same; human race. In all the continents, the virus did not make a distinction between race, sex, social status or religion. Does it imply that the virus knows us more than us? …Pause, Ponder and Act.

The Virus have exposed the gross leadership failure in Africa. It has exposed the hypocrisy of the opposition (Where applicable) who end up worse than the government they replaced. Reality is slapping us on the face. Our political leader’s preference to seek medical attention beyond our borders leaving the citizens with ill equipped and moribund hospitals, health centres and primary healthcare centres has become our greatest challenge in the face of the Coronavirus onslaught. The difference this time is that the virus denied them access to better medical services outside our shores. They are left with no option than to stay with the ordinary citizens to confront the deadly scourge. The popular Liberian slang, “we born here, we mend here, we die here” is playing out. Can we learn our lesson the hard way? …Pause, Ponder and Act.

I just hope and pray that the lessons of this experience will offer us and our political leaders an opportunity to make amends. This should be an eye opener. America, Europe and other continents are facing an existential threat and do not have enough time and resources to come for our help. We will continue to pray and believe that our hot weather can slow down the spread. We face the risk of extinction if we are confronted with an outbreak to the magnitude of China, Italy, Spain or USA because we lack the infrastructure, preparedness, enlightenment and discipline. We can only do very little in the circumstance while we continue to invoke God and Faith. While praying for the recovery of the people infected in Nigeria including our Political leaders, I am happy that they are alive to witness how and what the citizens feel about and wish them. No society can subvert the will of the people forever. It is obvious that the elasticity of the ordinary people who make up over 98% of the over 200 Million Nigerians has been stretched beyond limit. If citizens can jubilate and celebrate over the sickness of their leaders to the extent of wishing them death, then, we are sitting on a time bomb. The ordinary Nigerians are not bothered about their own death to the extent that they are sure that the leaders will not escape the mass extinction. It shows that our political system and leaders do not enjoy the mandate of the people and lack legitimacy. It is a sign of disapproval and brewing mass action that will erupt like a volcano. It happened in almost all the present advanced economies. We can learn from that experience which dislodged the ruling class of those eras. In the face of the rampaging scourge, our political and ruling class must learn from this experience of existential threat that ha

ve no regards for their powers, influence, wealth, contacts and networks, 2023 plans and permutations, primitive acquisition, loots, estates in high-bred areas all over the world and the larger than life living. I urge all of us to continue to stay indoors, self-isolate, social-distance and maintain a high level of hygiene while invoking God and Faith to have mercy on us and offer us a second chance to change our ways. Nigeria Political Leaders, Are you ready to enter into this covenant with Nigerians and your maker?  The time is now … Pause, Ponder and Act.

Ukoha Njoku Ukoha

Published by panafricannations

Pan African Nations ( WorldWide ) is an international Community to reunite all people of African descent,advocate for their rights and freedoms throughout the world. Our vision is establishment of United Kingdoms of Africa. ( U.K.A )

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